Am I crazy, or did the Insert Table command get removed with this newest update? It’s Edit>Insert>Table, right? Very confused. In the mean time, I 'll just make it in another document and copy and paste it in.

Nothing has changed here - the command has always been under Format > Table. (“Insert” makes just as much sense, but we follow the Apple text system standard of having it in the “Format” menu, as in TextEdit etc.) It’s always been in the “Format” menu, though. :slight_smile:

I could have sworn I tried that last night and it didn’t work. I was also very sleep deprived though, so probably not. Thank you, and sorry for wasting your time with stupid requests like that :neutral_face:

You’re welcome!

This is where the Help->(search bubble) comes in really handy. Just enter “table” in the search dialogue, then arrow down and it will show you where “table” appears in the menu as part of the menu item name. I rely on that mac os-wide feature to find just about everything; so much so that I REALLY miss it when I’m working with Windows.