Edit names for Notes, Synposis and the like.

Hi Forum!

First thank you, thank you THANK YOU for this jewel among softwares!

Working as a eLearning Producer (i.e. with digital learning UI/UX) I find Scrivener
having the single most thought through interface and the best features I have
ever experienced in a production program - you ace!

Okay, enough fuss and bustle - onward to my question:

Is it possible to edit the names of - let’s say - “Synopsis” and “Project Notes”?

In my organization some of work with Scrivener and others with Word.
In my compilations I’d like to have our established term on things.

Synopsis for example we call Goals of knowledge.

I simply would like to name things the way our company name them
to prevent unnecessary confusion.

Any help helps.

All the best


In the compile window, under Replacements, you can replace Synopsis with whatever word or phrase you like (make sure it’s not in the body of any of your texts though).

I wasn’t aware you could compile project notes; document notes, sure, and the above trick will work with the label as well.