Edit needed in the "Novel Format" document

In Beta 024:

In the Novel template, the first document, “Novel Format”, that explains how to use the template contains the following text:

“Create a new folder for each chapter and title each folder with the name of the chapter. If you don’t intend to use chapter names, just enter use something descriptive that tells you what the chapter is about.”

“. . .use chapter names, just enter use something. . .” needs to be rephrased, as ‘enter’ and ‘use’ are redundant and break the flow of the sentence.

Thanks, Lunarclipper

Thanks. All the templates still need to be gone through to make them Windows-specific instead of just carry-overs from the Mac version, so they’ll get a proofing then. (Haha, but now I’m going to go note that this probably needs to be fixed in the Mac version, too. :wink:)

This has already been fixed in the Mac version as of 2.0.4 or 2.0.5. I noticed the typo myself - I obviously wrote it at the end of a long day when my inner editor had fallen asleep.