Edit > Options > Apply [LOGGED]

Change opacity level of index cards in Edit > Options.

Click on “apply”.
:diamonds: Expected : The change to become visible
:diamonds: Result : Nothing changes

Click on “ok”
:diamonds: The change is applied as expected.

(Beta 023/Win 7)

Hi Lilith,

Which opacity are you changing? Just checking this with label tint (under Appearance) and with stamps and shadows (under Corkboard), Apply does immediately show the changes for me. I know there have been some other quirks though where Apply isn’t showing changes, so I just want to make sure I have the right one you’re seeing.


I was changing “label tint” opacity.

Right now, I did it again, just to make sure it is still the same issue.
I changed the opacity level with the cursor to make it much darker.
“Apply” does not change the label colour ; “Ok” does.

After installing 024, I checked “show subdocuments count in binder”, then clicked apply.

Again, no reaction.

Thanks, Lilith. I do get the subdocument count not applying, although I haven’t replicated the label tint issue. As I said, though, “Apply” just seems to not be working in various cases, and Lee is aware of that, so it will definitely be looked at and corrected.