Edit Scrivenings and the Links of No Return

I can’t say if it is 1.08 specific but here is a little glitch:

In the binder I click on the folder which contains all the chapters of my work.
Then “Edit Scrivenings”
Ok. Now when I click inside whichever part of my scrivenings I can have access to its “Document notes” (in inspector right pane).
Here is the problem: suppose there is a link inside “document note”.
When you click on this link, it works and you go to its target.
But when you want to come back, you lose the “Edit scrivenings” state, retrieving only a blank page which title is the one of the initial folder which contained all the chapters.
Is it possible to retrieve the exact location I had before clicking the link?

Why don’t you check “Open Scrivener links in alternate editor” in the Navigation Preferences? That solves this issue. Edit Scrivenings sessions are currently not remembered in the navigation history.

Of course! Thank you very much…(Sunday morning… another coffee may be?)