"Edit scrivenings" for two or more folders

Normally if I select any items in the Binder only those two items show in the Editor. If I select a folder or file with subdocuments I can toggle between seeing just the folder or all of the subdocuments with Command-1. If I select a folder and a file it only shows the two selected items and nothing toggles with Command-1.

But if I select two folders (or files with subdocuments), the Editor will only show all of the subdocuments for both folders. Command-1 does not change anything.

Is is possible to view only the text of two folders (or files with subdocuments) in the Editor, and not see all of the sub-text too?

I usually use folder text for section headers, and it can be very helpful to see just the section headers of a chapter altogether, or to edit the formatting for just the section headers. But I can’t figure out how. (And I think this used to be straightforward in previous versions.)


That’s a good question, there isn’t a straight-forward way of doing this (it has been that way ever since 2.0 was released). The system works the way it does because most people are cmd-clicking on two or more folders so that they can work on the content of those folders together.

What you mentioned trying, hitting Cmd–1 again to switch out of Scrivenings mode, doesn’t work in multiple selection mode, because that displays the text content of the main item in the editor, which in this case is “nothing”, there is no Multiple Selection object somewhere that has a text file associated with it.

The solution is to is trick Scrivener into only showing the text content of the documents you have selected, in Scrivenings, and the way to do that is to mix up your selection types. Simply select a single regular text document along with your folders and then just ignore it while you work on their text.

Another thing you can do is just ignore the stuff in the middle. Normally that wouldn’t be easy since that means scrolling through a bunch of text looking for a chunk of folder text that may not look terribly different from everything else around it—but you can navigate within a Scrivenings session easily by clicking on the “multiple selection” icon in the header bar, and using the Go To menu. Using that method, you can quickly jump from folder to folder. That may not work for what you are doing here, but it’s a useful trick to have available otherwise.

Thank you!

Interestingly, it looks like Composition Mode only shows the text from the selected folders, and not the subdocuments. So selecting the folders and switching to Composition Mode gives the view I’ve been looking for. (I imagine this is an oversight left over from version 1, but I’ll take it!)

In fact, it looks like one can have it either way in Compose Mode. If the Binder has focus, you get the text content of the folders. If the Editor has focus, you get the folder text AND the contents of the contained documents.


p.s. I think I just use documents for the textual purpose you use your folders for, namely to contain the heading of some kind of break (e.g., chapter), because I too often change my mind about where these breaks should go. So I don’t have the issue you were having. I maintain a smart Collection that picks out all these break documents (by label), and that is how I get them all together when needed.