edit scrivenings in script mode.

When writing in scriptmode using “Edit Scrivenings” and I go from file 1 to file 2, I need to use command + y to select a new script format (scene heading for example) and cannot use tab at all. Tab just tabs.


Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean by going from file 1 to file 2. Could you please provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce this?


Sorry, I was a bit unclear on that. This is what i mean:

I start at draft, create a few entrys in outline and then go into edit scrivenings to write the text. When I reach the end of, what I call File 1 (I think this is an old habit from using copywrite), the first document under “draft” and decide to start editing document 2, this happens. I cant tab through the different script headers and I have to use command + y to select scene. When I done this everything works fine from then on.

this also happens on every first line in each document, even the first one. but only when in “edit scrivenings”.

May be it is not a bug after all, could it be couse you start of at general text on the first line in each document? I would love to be able to select "always start new document with “scene header” or something similar.

I see what you are saying, and I can reproduce the effect:

  1. Select three new, empty documents, and create an Edit Scrivenings session out of them.
  2. Click in the first document and press Cmd-Ctrl-W
  3. Entry mode should be Scene Heading.
  4. Press the down arrow until you are in the second Scrivening.
  5. Entry mode has switched to General Text, which of course lets you type tabs – requiring the menu to get out of it.

Like you say, this is probably not a bug.