Edit Scrivenings + lock

I’ve searched for this but can’t find anything, so here goes…

I was wondering if it might be possible to ‘lock’ a section of ‘Edit Scrivenings’ together, similar to when working with the ‘group’ command in a DTP program. What I mean is that when I am fairly satisfied with a section of my work, (i.e. the text of several ‘note cards’, I would like to be able to deal with it as one section together with a single click, but with the possibility of easily ‘unlocking’ (or ‘ungrouping’ as per DTP) to get at a particular ‘card’ section again later if necessary.

Maybe this is already a feature?

Anyway, just a thought.

It’s not a one-click solution, but I think the easiest way to achieve this would be to put all the relevant snippets together in a single folder in the binder; when you want to edit them all at once you can then just click on the folder, hit Edit Scrivenings and it’ll form the ES session from the folder’s contents.

I do this a lot, to save having to manually select all the relevant snippets each time I want to edit them together.

If you are using the beta, there is a one-click solution to this problem. As antony says, you’ll want to put the section all together in a container, this can be a folder or a document stack, whatever you prefer. Then you can simply Option-click on that container to automatically initate Edit Scrivenings mode, which will show all of the constituent pieces as one big text block. Additionally, you can set Scrivener to automatically do this whenever you click on a folder, and use Option-click to open them normally. Below that, there is also an option to treat document stacks as folders.

So you can! I had no idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind replies.

I have set my prefs to open folders as edit scrivenings. Thanks AmberV.


I find myself constantly editing a Scrivening, needing to go away briefly to a single document, then wanting to go back to editing the Scrivening again. It would be great if this could be done with the back button rather than having to construct the Scrivening all over again (regardless of the fact that documents can be collected in a folder, and a folder automatically opened as a Scrivening) - so I guess this is feature request to add Scrivenings to the document memory function.

The other thing I would find helpful is some subtle indication of the individual document name when editing a Scrivening in Full Screen mode. Maybe something as simple as including the name of the document where the cursor is resting in the pop-up control pane at the bottom of the screen, say, just above the word/char count; or the name could be faintly displayed in the upper-right corner of each section of the Scrivening - anything, really, that would provide this information in a non-obtrusive way.

Not a bad idea, but here is a work-around for now: Lock your Edit Scrivenings session (incidentally, to avoid future confusion, a Scrivening is simply a document in the Binder. When you collect them together, that is Edit Scrivenings, or ES for short) with Cmd-Opt-L. You should see the header bar turn an opera mauve. Now you can click around in the Binder and it will not upset your session. Select the single scrivening you wish to edit, and press Cmd-Shift-O. The document will load in the alternate split, creating a new split if necessary. When you are done, just close the split (making sure the ES session is selected or you will lose it!)

I think the suggestion you made of putting the title down in the info bar is a good one. Drawing the title some place else might be more complicated. There is currently a way to check your position in full screen, but it isn’t the quickest method of doing so. In the View menu, under Editor, the “Go To…” sub-menu is always re-arranged according to your current ES session, forming a sort of table of contents, rather than displaying the entire outline as it usually does. A checkmark will be placed beside the document your cursor is currently in. This is much more easily accessed in standard mode, by clicking on the document icon in the header bar. The Go To menu functions as a table of contents here, too, but it is generally easier to simply select documents in the Binder, which will automatically navigate you to the correct spot if that document is contained within the ES session.

Helpful, as always. Thank you.

Another thing, I don’t suppose there’s any way of assigning Styles to keystrokes? I would like to access them simply in Full Screen mode (without going to the menu).

Try doing a search on the forum, if I remember correctly Maria had a way figured out for doing this.

I really don’t remember… But if I remember well AmberV pointed out that the styles pull down menu is not different to “normal” menus. So one my assign keystrokes to styles in the system preferences, writing down the styles names. I did not try though since I prefer simple text.

Hope this helps. I haven’t been working with the computer for several weeks now…