Edit Scrivenings / Outline / Corkboard

Hi there,

I find that when “Edit Scrivenings” is turned on, the “outline” and “corkboard” are not available to choose from in the toolbar.

Is this normal?

I was expecting the 3 to be interchangeably-clickable (if there’s such a word).



Yes, that is right. The three modes aren’t quite interchangeable… Yet. This is one of the most common pieces of feedback I have had, so this is one of the big overhauls for 2.0. Currently only the outline and corkboard modes are directly interchangeable, with Edit Scrivenings existing as a separate mode. These things were all new in Scrivener (that is, they’ve never been integrated in this way in other apps - although that is changing…), so it has been a learning experience in how to get the integration just right. Hopefully 2.0 will crack it.

All the best,

Oh I see.

Thanks Keith :slight_smile:

Looking forward to 2.0
Scrivener’s great :smiley: