Edit Scrivenings - sometimes disabled

I just had 2 documents selected in the binder, and Edit Scrivenings was all disabled. I re-started Scrivener and it behaves fine now. I’ve noticed this a couple of times before, just thought I would report it. Don’t have a repeatable pattern for it.

Thanks Sophie, yes, I’ve had this reported before. Each time it has been after Scrivener has been open for a while. I believe some sort of exception has been thrown in the background (which would make random things act a little oddly) but unfortunately I have as yet been unable to reproduce the problem and no one to whom it has happened has been able to find a case where they can always reproduce it either. So for now it remains a bug I am aware of, on the list, but for which I am looking for more information before I can find it and fix it. If it happens again, let me know, and see if there are any similar circumstances you notice.
Thanks and all the best,

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