Edit Scrivenings with headings too?

It may already be a feature, so I don’t want to put it in the wish list.

I always Print or Export with the headings. Is there a way to set Edit Scrivenings to show all the paragraphs with their titles, as it would were I to export?



Not visible, no. I believe that is planned for the distant hazy 2.0 version. :slight_smile: But, while you cannot make them visible on the virtual page, you do have access to them. When in Edit Scrivenings mode, the “Go…” menu (accessible in the header bar, or in the View>Editor menu (in the beta), turns into a mini-table of contents so you can jump around to sections using that. Also the title of the section your cursor is currently in is displayed in the header bar. There is less feedback in full screen mode (naturally), but if you leave the note palette open, the title of the current document will be in the title bar of that tool.

Hi Andy, you can find my replies to this frequently asked question by doing a search for “edit scrivenings titles” - be sure to check “search for all terms”. In short, it is not possible and won’t be possible in any 1.x release because it would involve a complete rewrite of how Edit Scrivenings works. I know from a user perspective it may seem like a simple process of adding an “Include Titles” checkbox and then inserting the titles accordingly, but from a development perspective, it’s not.

(Hmm, AmberV, I’m going to answer this in full here after all, so maybe you could copy this into the FAQ? Thanks…)

The issues with optionally displaying titles in an Edit Scrivenings session are as follows:

  1. The Edit Scrivenings view is a regular text view that just displays the text compiled from several different documents. A temporary backing store is created to hold this artificial (compiled) text, which monitors changes to the original texts and reflects them in the Edit Scrivenings session and vice versa. To accommodate titles, this backing store would need to be completely rewritten to take into account the ranges of text that are not “real” text blocks but titles.
  2. The backing store would also need to know that title areas are plain text and thus limit alterations to the formatting of such ranges of text.
  3. The backing store (artificial text block) would have to monitor any changes to titles in the binder, outliner, corkboard, inspector and header views, and change the titles it displays accordingly.
  4. It would also have to send out notifications about any changes made to the titles inside the Edit Scrivenings text so that the binder etc could be updated.
  5. When titles are changed in either manner, this would involve a change to the text in the artificial text backing store, which would get registered with the undo manager. This would mean that upon undoing a text change, all of the title changes would get undone, too, even if the title change was done outside of the text. This would cause a lot of complications that would best be handled by resetting the undo manager - but this would mean that changing a title would erase the undo stack in an Edit Scrivenings session.
  6. The text view that is responsible for drawing the alternate coloured backgrounds of the different documents inside Edit Scrivenings would need updating so that it could also delineate title ranges.
  7. Toggling between titles being visible and hidden would also have to reset the undo stack for the same reason as 5.

All in all, not a simple task, and thus not something that is likely to make it into 1.x. Edit Scrivenings was really intended as a view that would allow you to view and edit sections of your text together as though they were one continuous block. Necessary subtitles can still be entered at the top of documents, of course (in the text itself) - that way you can see the titles in Edit Scrivenings.

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I even created an index card for adding this to the FAQ earlier this morning. :slight_smile:


I’d like to add my +1 to the request for titles showing in the Edit Scrivenings view. I find it very disconcerting to have that view be so significantly different from an actual export/print. (Those of us who use Scrivener for preparing scientific journal papers are perhaps more dependent on section titles than novelists.)

However, I get what you say about the implementation difficulties. I, personally, would find it quite adequate if the titles that appeared in the Edit Scrivenings window itself were read-only, and if changes to titles made elsewhere in the UI were not necessarily reflected right away in said Edit Scrivenings window (as long as I could do something to refresh it when I wanted to, such as leaving and re-entering ES mode).

Would that be easier to implement? You’d still have to modify the collection of text into the temporary backing store, but at least all those synchronization and undo issues might be ameliorated.

Just a thought. Thanks for listening!


Text deleted. Somehow I submitted two versions. The final one is below.

I’ve been using Scrivener for just over two months; like ibeatty, I write scientific reports and proposals with it. I have a different take on this issue: all my section titles are inside documents, and I almost never print or export the Scrivener headings… If I do, they do not appear in the final version.

In my projects, each section or subsection gets one folder with many children. The first document in each folder contains the section or subsection title; often it is the only text in the document. My Scrivener headings are brief, often cryptic, so that I can understand them without widening the binder too much. They are for me, not for publication.

While in Edit Scrivenings, I never feel lost, because, as Keith pointed out, the heading of the current document is always visible. I find this useful: if a rewrite starts to look drastic, I save a duplicate of the original document. The duplicate is not added to the current Scrivenings, and so doesn’t interrupt the flow of work. (Another beautiful design touch-thanks, Keith!)

Thanks Sampler - I thinks this is definitely a good solution. If you really need the heading, add it into the text. The novel template is a good example of this - the chapter titles are contained inside the text of the folder, which then holds various text documents. If you view the folder and all the text in Edit Scrivenings, the title appears above them as it is the text of the folder. This is a good solution for those who need titles, I think.

I shall give that approach a try!


Hi all.

This is my first post, I do hope it comes out all right :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Scrivner for a couple of months now and this issue was the first one I ever had trouble with. I looked up some posts on it and found that it was by design, so had to find a way around that.

What I do now is:

  1. Add New Text (toolbar button)
  2. Type up the heading I want to appear in Binder and text
  3. Highlight and bold it
  4. Use Set selected text as title option
  5. Convert to folder (toolbar button)

works like a charm. I am sure there’s a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to do most of it but I never got around to it, too busy enjoying using Scriv (incidentally it helped me to break through my writer’s blog, thanks guys!)

Hope that’s helpful

I too was feeling lost without the title in the edit scrivenings and was about to pen a request for help / this feature when I found this thread.

Now my only question is this: Is there a way to assign a shortcut to the above solution ?