Edit Scrivenings

Edit Scrivenings - I alternate between working on a chapter’s scenes individually, and the chapter as a whole through an Edit Scrivening (as well as using the feature to temporarily collect disparate scenes together).

When doing this, I frequently need to check some other document and then return to my Scrivening - however the history button loses the Scrivening and I have to reconstruct it.

Might some future version save Scrivenings in the history memory? Or might there be a way to seperately save Scrivenings?

And if Scrivener were ever to acquire a favorites pane, I could plunk these saved Scrivenings down here for easy reference.

Dear michpen,

Probably you already know this, and it is not quite what you are wishing for but: This sounds like a job for the split editor view.

You can get the functionality that you want using the “split screen” (or split editor view) function. One side of the split can stay on your composited text (aka edit-scrivenings) and the other side can be showing you some other document.

There would be various ways to get this to happen. Here is one: Suppose your editor pane is in Edit Scrivenings mode and you want to take a look at another document. Click the split-screen icon (at the right end of the header view above your editor pane). Then drag a document icon from the binder onto the header view of the disposable side of the now split editor pane–the disposable side being the one with the ‘x’ button at the right end of its header view…Now you have one split with your scrivenings in it and the other looks on another document (and both are fully editable, of course). When you are finished peeking at the other document, dismiss it (and the split) by clicking the ‘x’ in the header view area. Now you are back to just looking at your composited scrivenings.


P.S. You can make your split horizontal or vertical depending on which would be more desirable for the case at hand.

GR, thanks for your suggestion. This of course works, but I tend to work most productively when I can see lots of text.

The other solution (suggested by others) would be, in addition to split windows, the ability to open more than one window in full screen mode…


Edit Scrivenings are unlikely to be saved by the document history any time son, because they are a rather different beast (in that they are not a real document).

I have, in fact, never seen this suggested before. However, full screen will only be for one document.

The best solution for this is definitely the split screen, as already mentioned.

Thanks and all the best,