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The Styles menu is excellent and useful. However I’ve not been able to find how to remove or to even rename a style.

Yes, I’ve searched Help. The most informative is the Text Editing help file. But if renaming or removal is there, I’ve missed it.

As it stands, whenever I start a new document the existing list is automatically there, including my learning and experimentals which I’ll never use. Even when I start a new project, there they all are, every one of them.

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Try looking through the TextEdit Help (I think). Styles are just part of the Cocoa text system, which is showcased by TextEdit.

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Nothing in TextEdit Help. Have posted to Apple’s Support Discussions.
discussions.apple.com/thread.jsp … &stqc=true

Also posted to the ehmac.ca Canadian Mac discussion forum at
ehmac.ca/anything-mac/56530- … post592030

Will let you know if anything turns up.

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I just checked and Styles seem to be covered under the “Formatting Text” section of TextEdit’s Help… (The bare basics are mentioned in Scrivener’s Help under Text Editing, the section on the Ruler.)

Got it, thanks. For anyone else listening in, here’s how:

To remove a favorite style from the list, choose Other from the Styles pop-up menu, then select Favorite Styles. Choose the style you want to remove from the pop-up menu, then click Remove From Favorites. You cannot remove the Default style.

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