Edit substitutions only works for first substitution

I use edit substitutions a lot in Scrivener 1. For example, my characters’ names are double or three capital letters. RR becomes Roxanne. Also things like a double period are transformed into ." In scrivener 3, only the first substitution works. This renders Scrivener 3 useless. Is this known bug?

Sorry, I’d need a little more information to go on than this, as I don’t see anything like it. I use my own external text replacement utility, so I don’t really use this feature much myself, however I had one test substitution already added, and I added the two you mentioned as well to the list, and all three of them work fine.

So what do you mean by “the first substitution”?

Also, have you considered using the Project Auto-Complete feature for stuff that is very specific to projects, like character names? You’ll find that list in the Project ▸ Project Settings... panel. Not only does that keep stuff specific to the works they relate to rather than global, it’s a lot easier to manage as well, as whenever you type in a new noun or common phrase you can select it, right-click, and add it straight into the list.

Hi Amber,

I re-downloaded Scrivener 3 and typed two substitutions together. They both worked. When I added a third, it didn’t work. Please try adding another substitution after closing the substitution window to see if it works for you.


Okay, given that description, it sounds to me like this bug. Try the workaround that I suggested in that thread, and see if the third starts working after doing so.

Hi Amber,

The workaround works. Should be a simple bug to fix. Strange that it was missed by the beta testers. Could it be that substitutions is a relatively unused feature?


Who knows! Sometimes bugs appear as the result of other changes, so it’s not like there is a fixed pool of them that only diminishes over time. That would be lovely though. :smiley: