Edit Text that Comment or Footnote refers to

Right now, if I make a comment or footnote, the text seems to become a link, so that it is impossible to change the underlying text. If, say, I want to make a comment that the text needs to indicate this and come back to it several times to try different wording, I lose the comment every time.

Also, it seems that I can’t copy and paste my footnotes/comments. Am I missing something?

If you’re using inspector comments and footnotes, then the text they’re attached to does become a link; you can however use the arrow keys to move the insertion point into the text and then edit it, the same as you would edit text linking to a webpage. Just keep the ends of the linked text intact until you’ve finshed, then delete those outliners as necessary, so for instance if your link is on “this is a phrase”, you could move the insertion point to just before the “e” and type entirely new text, then delete the “e” and the preceding text to maintain the link.

You cannot at this time copy and paste the inspector notes themselves or move them to other text (we do have plans to make this work in the future), but you can copy and paste the linked text in the editor, which will copy the attached comment along with it.

You might also want to consider using inline footnotes and annotations, as these are easy to select and copy, move, and edit by themselves, and can be set to compile exactly like the inspector notes.