Editability Not Obvious

I wasted some time this morning when I wanted to change the manuscript target. I looked all over, but couldn’t find where to set it.

Here’s why:

There’s no indication that you can click on the “60,000” text unless the cursor happens to pass over it. If it was an edit box, I wouldn’t have wasted any time.

Plus, I recall that I’ve been through that same thing before.

Note also that one dialog refers to a “Manuscript Target” but the Options dialog refers to a “Draft Target.”

I hope that helps you (and users).

I would presume that that’s because you’re using a project based on a template like Novel, where the default “Draft” folder is renamed to “Manuscript”.


Yes, but it might be good to have it have the same name in both places. Actually, I recall being confused by that when I first used Scrivener.

The name in the Binder is editable, so the user can call it My Most Excellent Manuscript Draft if they want. The name in the Project Targets dialog is hard coded.