Editing a collection of letters

Dear Friends,

I am in the process of editing a collection of letters of an Italian writer. I already have a large file in rtf that will be imported and split in a Scrivener project.
I need some help about tagging this letters. Or meta-dating!
As you well know a letter has a sender, an addressee, date, etc. I would like to have this information to be part of the letter (before or after the main text). So my question is: instead of incorporating this info into the body of the text or in a footnote would it be advisable to have tags or meta-data? Could it be possible to export nicely tags or metadata and manipulate at the compile moment?
Any idea or advise would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Emilio,

I would argue that it depends upon what you want to do with the information. If you have the information in the body of the text, it will still be searchable, as it will if you have the information in custom meta-data. If it’s in the body of the text then it will appear in any compiled documents you create, but if you have it as custom meta-data then I don’t think it will appear in any compilations.

Custom meta-data can be useful when looking at your project in outliner mode, though, and I think it’s possible to compile an outline too. I think it all depends upon how you’re going to end up using the data in the end, although I’m sure some more knowledgeable people on this forum who’ll be able to help you further.

Good luck.

Thanks for your answer. The project will end up in an encyclopedia like Wikipedia (same mediawiki language).
The entry should contain
1 the text of the letter
2 meta-data (location of the manuscript, date of letter, addressee, etc.)
3 footnotes
So the question is if Scrivener meta data will play nicely after compiling (tags may not be useful, unless they can be transformed in mediawiki categories). But from what you say meta data are not compiled.
Hope this clarify a little bit my needs.

Meta-data can be compiled. You could use custom meta-data and the custom meta data tags (<$custom:metaDataName>) to insert them into the text somewhere, maybe as a title prefix during Compile You can only format them in one way, though (e.g. all italics). If you need more control, you could put them in the “Notes” area and include the notes when compiling. (You can choose to have the notes appear above or below the text.)