Editing a project between latest Mac and Linux versions

I have a latest Mac version (Maverics) and Linux beta (Ubuntu). How different are they in terms of features and cross-compatibility? In other words, if I open a massive (260,000+ words) project, created and worked on on the Mac, will the Linux version screw it up? I was hoping to synchronize the work over Dropbox.
Anybody had any experience doing that?
Thank you!

Hi, igstudio, and welcome to the forum!

Short answer: Scrivener is cross-platform compatible and Dropbox is a good way to sync the files.

You may find this article useful.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, it did. I am going to give it a try, taking all possible precautions, fingers crossed. 8)

Just in case it might be of use to anyone else in a similar situation:
Linux version refused to open my Mac-originated project.
I tried right-click on the file and select Scrivener as an app to open the file with (it just launches the app, but it does nothing), I tried to open the project through application’s Open and Open Existing Project dialogs—nothing. It just pretends it didn’t hear me.
The tiny test project I started on Linux, synced over Dropbox, open and edited on Mac, opened in Linux version just fine, it kept synopsis, tags, metadata, kewords, etc.
I am thinking it may be the size of the project (260,000+ words, and counting)?
Weird bug.

Figured out what happened: my Mac project had a [conflicted copy]-named project and binder files inside, which were there for more than a year. Once I removed them, the project opened fine.


I am experiencing the same problem that igstudio had, namely that my Mac project (large book, 450,000 words, plus other files) does not open when imported via flash drive onto a netbook running Linux Mint 17 Quiana.

igstudio, i don’t understand what you mean about the ‘conflicted copy’ you removed from your Mac version that enabled your project to work in Linux. (Sorry, I’m a newbie here! : )

Also, did you get your project onto the Linux machine via dropbox, or another method? I have not yet tried the dropbox method. So far, the flash drive/zip file method has been a bust.


What was in my case confusing the Linus version of Scrivener, were a couple of files, located inside the master file. On Linux, yo can just look into the folder, which is named as your Scrivener project, on the Mac you need to right-click on it and select “View package contents” from a drop-down.

Navigate the internal folder structure and look around.

If you see one or more files, which have a “[conflicted copy]” words as parts of their names, try to remove them from where they are and then try to open the project in Linux application again. Make sure to back up your work before.

I use Dropbox to synchronize the work between the two machines I have, and have no problems. It is important to make sure that the project is only opened on one of the computers for editing—since Scrivener auto-saves your work every once in a while, it might overwrite your changes, if you left it running on one machine, and try to edit on another.

Hope it helps! Good luck.

Dropbox creates copies of files that appear (to the Dropbox sync program) to have been edited offline in two or more places before being synced; it can’t make judgement calls about throwing either version out, so it keeps on in place and makes a ‘conflicted copy’ of the other. This happens a lot for the constantly updated .scrivx file within the .scriv folder (usually only visible in Windows and Linux environments).

Since you’re not using Dropbox, the ‘conflicted copy’ issue doesn’t apply to your situation.

When you examine the contents of the .scriv folder on Linux, is there anything missing? Try viewing the package contents of your project on the Mac to compare, maybe using the Terminal and “find [projectfoldername.scriv]” to get a full tree of files and folders. If you can’t figure out what’s going on with that info, try posting in the output of the find command from either Linux or your Mac.

Thanks! I was sad that Linux and Mac versions didn’t mix, but this solved it for me!