Editing a User Created Style

So I’ve created a couple of style for my documents without problem. As always, I then decide I want to tweak the style and can’t figure out how to do it. I can create a new style and give it the same name as the previous one and Scrivener will ask me if I want to overwrite the style. But regardless of what I do I have to reselect all my text and re-apply the style.

I realize that Scrivener is not full featured word processor like Word (thank God) but is there any way to edit a style and have the text associated to the style change formatting.


The ruler style feature is something that comes along with Apple, and you’ll have to blame them for giving it a confusing name. What they really should have called it was favourite formats or something, but that is probably too verbose. They are not really styles in the sense that we are all used to in real word processors, they are simply just format application shortcuts. No underlying style referencing is happening, and as such there is no way for the system to adjust existing formatting information when a “style” is changed.

This is not really a function of Scrivener itself, but part of the Cocoa rich text library that it inherits from the main operating system.

That’s what I figured. Thanks. I see you’re a fellow Portlander. We Portlanders are pretty helpful folks.