Editing across documents (massupdate?)

I know already that in Win version there is no way to just plain edit stuff in multiple documents, but is there a usable way to update formatting to the same font/margins all over the project?

The problem: Since I had text pasted in from several sources (eg. using Word as backup spellcheck engine before I replaced the dictionary in Scrivener - pastes in with margins) I have a variety of margin settings, indent depths and font faces and sizes.

It was OK-ish and I was too lazy to clean it up, but now it’s starting to annoy me. (and my brain treats it as a reason to not write, so I need to remove that obstacle)

Unfortunately, I’m still lazy so I really don’t have the energy to go in each and every document and fix it up to be full-width, Verdana, 14 points etc, because I have 176 documents at this point (210k words) so doing that would be… really annoying. Is there a way to apply standard formatting all over my text?

A tie-in question: Since I changed the default format for the Comment, the old ones are now displaying in the old way and new ones in new. It’s starting to bug me. Is there a better way to get them all aligned than clicking EACH INDIVIDUALLY and make them “Convert to default”?

Standardizing the main text can be done by selecting in the binder all the documents you want to change and then choosing Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Text to Default Formatting.... This will apply the new-document default formatting from the Editor formatting tab in File ▸ Options... to all the selected documents, so make sure that is set up how you want it first! (It’s also possible for a project to use its own custom formatting instead of the global default in options; this is set in the Formatting tab of Project ▸ Project Settings.... If that is enabled for the project, the Convert command will use this formatting.)

You’ll have some options before applying the conversion to limit the scope of the changes (e.g. to preserve alignment or font size), but since the conversion cannot be undone, it’s a good idea to make a backup of your project before running it, especially if you’re going to change a number of documents. You can do that easily via File ▸ Back Up ▸.

(For more on these, §15.7.4 in the user manual talks about resetting the formatting and §5.2 goes into detail about the backup options.)

For the comments, you can convert these in one quick go as well by loading the documents in Scrivenings mode, so that when you view the comments in the inspector, comments from all the documents appear together. Select one to set the focus there, then use Ctrl+A to select them all, right-click, and choose Convert to Default Formatting.

Thank you, it seems to be doing the work :slight_smile: