Editing autocorrect options


I’m running the Windows version on Linux, which works well as far as I can tell.

I’m wondering how I can change the autocorrect entries. I’ve come across this before but it hasn’t bugged me too much until this morning when I typed “should’ve” and it ‘corrected’ it to “could’ve”!

Any help would be much appreciated.


You can’t fine-tune the automatic spelling correction algorithm—at least not in the interface. There might be a way to do that with a knowledge of tweaking aspell conf files. You can set up additional substitutions in the Tools/Options/Auto-Correction tab, but this is for stuff like copyright symbols and ordinals, not spelling corrections. Best thing would be to just turn off the “Correct spelling errors as you type” option, if it isn’t working well.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have to say that I’m shocked if there is no way to fine tune this, that seems to me to be a terrible oversight. Having someone in essence dictate what is correct and what isn’t is awful, especially when, at least in the case that I found, it is evidently wrong. (is there a place we can post auto corrections that need to be corrected, like my example of “should’ve” being changed to “could’ve”?)

Turning off the function may be the only solution, but autocorrect is one of the great advantages of using a computer. I write my journal in Open Office and have set up the autocorrect function to write my daughter’s name ‘Imogen’ with the keystrokes ‘im/’, for example. I use this function all the time to enable me to work faster.

I wonder if this function is coming. I thought I’d found what I was looking for in Scrivener, it seems not!

I hope there is some way around this.

Ha, on that we highly disagree. First thing I do whenever I crack open a new computer is turn off every single automatic substitution, capitalisation, spell checking while typing, grammar, typographic punctuation, smiley face swapper, and dancing paper clip. I only ever want my computer to print what I type. Seems simple enough to me.

Anyway, maybe the program just isn’t gelling enough with you? If something on the periphery of the feature-set like this makes you rethink using the entire program—it might just not be a fit? In this particular case though, could’ve you just added should’ve to your custom dictionary? Works for me.

Does anyone on this thread know how to turn off autocorrect in version 1.5.4? On OSX Lion if that helps. Thanks!

The “Typography” preference tab is where all of the auto-correction stuff was located in 1.54. There were also some spelling related auto-completion settings in the “Text Editing” tab. If you’re trying to turn off the system level auto-correction thing that replaces characters with symbols, you need to do that in the System Preference Keyboard panel.