Editing "chapter" etc

Just plain stupid, probably.

But where do I edit the “chapter”-text and other text that is added when I compile a project?

I did find the front-page, and managed to get my name in (Go Me!!), but I really need to change the word “chapter” to the Norwegian “kapittel”, and I cannot seem to find where I can do this. (I know how to exclude the whole “chapter bit”, but I want to replace it).

(And again, this is something I am quite certain I fixed before I updated to the newest (OK, before I messed up everything by upgrading to the PREVIOUS version, the new one just got me back on track))

The “Chapter” is a title prefix that has been added for some of the compile presets (e.g. the Novel Standard Manuscript Format). You can remove or modify it in the Formatting tab of the Compile settings. If you don’t see this, click the blue arrow button on the right of the Compile dialog to expand the window.

In the Formatting tab you’ll see a table at the top of the different document elements you can compile–text, title, synopsis, and so on–and the different document types and levels that you see in the binder. Root folders–Draft (renamed Manuscript if you started from a Novel template), Research, Trash and any others you’ve created as siblings to those–are Level 0, their children are Level 1, their children are Level 2, etc.

When you click into a row in the table, the preview area below will show you the formatting of the included elements for that document type and level. Click into each row to see where the “Chapter” prefix is being applied, then for each where you see it, click the “Modify” button and then the “Section Layout…” button in the window that opens. There you’ll be able to change the text or delete it entirely.

After you’ve got it all set up, you may want to save the compile settings for use in other projects, so you don’t have to redo that all the time. “Save Preset” will make the settings available from the “Format As” drop-down menu.

Found it.
Thank you.

I always said I like Scrivener because it is “logical”. Like me.
NOW I have to say I like Scrivener because it is MORE logical than me.