Editing default styles in compiled output?

I’m struggling a bit with compiling Scrivener texts into ICML formats, which is discussed in another thread here.
While being quite difficult, the few working fragments that have been generated have been very promising! Every single bit that have been tagged automatically get the correct formatting and typography on import. It is quite impressive.

Everything works, except for the default style (marked orange) that doesn’t get the default style, but picks up some unknown random style:
Since (if I’ve understood it right) Scrivener doesn’t tag the default text, one would have guessed that the default un-tagged text would pick up the style set as the default (NONE) style in InDesign. That is not what happens though…

So I exported an unstyled snippet from InDesign to ICML, and compiled an unstyled snippet from Scrivener to ICML… and it turns out that while they should be the same, they are not.

This is from Scrivener:

<ParagraphStyleRange AppliedParagraphStyle="ParagraphStyle/Paragraph">
  <CharacterStyleRange AppliedCharacterStyle="$ID/NormalCharacterStyle">
    <Content>Hello! This is from Scrivener</Content>

This is from InDesign:

		<ParagraphStyleRange AppliedParagraphStyle="ParagraphStyle/$ID/NormalParagraphStyle">
			<CharacterStyleRange AppliedCharacterStyle="CharacterStyle/$ID/[No character style]">
				<Content>Hello! This is from InDesign</Content>

So, being new and inexperienced with all this… is there any way to amend the Scrivener output so that the default style will pick up the style set as default? i.e change “Paragraph” to “$ID/NormalParagraphStyle” and “$ID/NormalCharacterStyle” to “CharacterStyle/$ID/[No character style]” ?