Editing docs on iPhone synced via Dropbox ?

MacOS 10.6.8; Scrivener; Scrapple.

I don’t expect or want to be able to write any of my project on my iPhone.

However I am working on a master plot doc within Scrivener, whose files are all synced with Dropbox.

I want to be able to read this master Plot doc on my iphone and edit it ? I export the Plot doc into RTF which seems the only format available. But I cannot find a nice iPhone app where I can edit it and save back in to dropbox.

Has anyone any experience doing this ? I tried an app called Nocs, but opening the RTF produces all the markup code, making reading and editing impossible.

Textile is a favourite for editing RTF itself via Dropbox. It isn’t perfect (as is typical for cross-platform editing of RTF), but it’s the best I know of. Otherwise you can use TXT. Scrivener is pretty good about only changing the paragraphs that have actually modified, so unless you use piles of formatting in your work (lots of block quotes etc.), this method usually works very well.

I should also mention the File/Sync/with External Folder feature. That may be what you meant by exporting to RTF, but that’s a very specific feature that will keep all of your Binder sections in separate files, and sync back in only those files (at the paragraph level) that have changed.

I don’t think Textile runs on iPhone, only iPad. If you want to edit on iPhone, you should sync with external folder in plain text format, not RTF. You have the option to do that with Scrivener. Once you have your files in plain text format, you have a number of options to edit your files. The ones I like best are Byword, 1Writer, and Daedalus Touch. Writing Kit and Notebooks are good options too. If you use an iPad, I’d still recommend to sync with the external folder in plain text and use Editorial. Textile is good, but Editorial seems far superior to me

Thanks marcoiac … I will try to check that out.

Hopefully it isn’t bad form to revive this thread from the dead, but I was searching for an app that did the same. After dropping some money on a couple iPhone apps that appeared to support RTF files, I finally found one that did, Cool Writer:


I haven’t tried it extensively, but did go from Scrivener, to Cool Writer, to Textilus on the iPad, and back to Scrivener, using italics, and all appears to be well. I can’t speak to other RTF functions.

I’m not affiliated with the app, just glad I found something. I was apprehensive at first, given the appearance of the site, but no issues so far.