Editing document references

Title says it all really. I have suffered a hard-drive crash, and had to move Scrivener and everything associated with it to a new drive with a different identifying letter (G:/ instead of E:/). For various reasons I can’t just re-name the new drive to E:/.

As a result I have lots of document references in my projects which point to a now non-existent E:/ drive. Is there any way to edit a doc reference in Windows? Better yet, is there any way to change all the E:/ references to G:/ references in one pass?

Many thanks


Yes, this could be fairly easily resolved. I would suggest making a backup of the project prior to doing this, as you’ll need to manipulate one of the control files manually. Just use the File/Back Up/Back Up To... menu command and put that somewhere safe.

Now open up the main project.scrivx file in a text editor (Notepad works if you don’t have anything else) and run a search and replace for “E:/” to “G:/” (case-sensitive; otherwise you’ll get “filG:/” instead of “file:/” :slight_smile:). Save that, reload it in Scrivener, and see if references now work correctly.

Worked perfectly - thank you very, very much for saving me a lot of hassle.

Sorry for the lateness of the reply - I have only just seen your post.