Editing external text file reference in Scrivener


is there a way to edit an external reference of a simple text file inside Scrivener?
When I add a reference it seems like the only option is to edit with an external editor. I would like to be able to edit the file using Scrivener itself without making it part of the Scrivener project.


It is not possible for Scrivener to edit files that are not part of a project.

Could you tell me what specifically you are trying to do?


Hi Katherine, thanks for the response.

I am working on an indie role playing game using the Unity 3D game engine. I am authoring the story and character interaction in a narrative scripting language called ‘Ink’ by Inkle Studios. It’s a simple text file with a bunch of markup. Unity 3D compiles this file to JSON and so the file must live in the Unity 3D asset folder.

I would love to be able to edit this ‘ink’ file in Scrivener directly. I have a Scrivener project that relates to the game where I gather all my ideas and research but that project cannot live in the Unity 3D asset folder.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions.

You might have a look at the Sync with External Folder command. It keeps a file or files within the Scrivener project synchronized with an external folder, which means you can use either Scrivener itself or an external tool to edit them. (Though not both at once!)


Great suggestion, I have it almost working but still run into one issue:

I set up the shared folder and use a collection to specify which files to sync. I only ‘sync all other text documents’ limited by the collection. I renamed the extension to “.ink”.

So now on sync Scrivener saves the desired file “filename -28-.ink”.
Then Unity creates a meta file in the same folder called “filename -28-.ink.meta”.

Now when going back to Scrivener, for some reason Scrivener mistakes that meta file for the .ink file and imports that instead and replaces the content of the .ink file with the contents of the .meta file. If I can figure out a fix for this I’m good to go.