Editing goals


word count goals are great while you are working on the first draft. But it would be nice to have a feature that provides goals / stats for the editing process.

Example: As I move from first to second draft it would be great to see how many word I have gone through in a single day (“converted 5000 words from 1st to 2nd draft”).


What would be the criteria by which it is determined if a block of words has been edited to a point of completion? I suppose the part where I’m not clear on how a machine could do this is that it requires an author to determine when a section has been sufficiently reworked to be considered done (for that phase anyway).

By the way, have you looked into the meta-data and searching options available? For example if you create a “2nd Draft” status and apply that to sections you’ve edited to that point, then you can search for all documents marked as “2nd Draft”. If you want to see how many of those were edited today, you could click on the “Search Results” header bar in the binder to load the results into the main editor, switch that to Outliner view and then add and sort by the Modified Date column.