Editing Header

I have been searching for the way of eliminating header of the document. It is invisible during editing, but is printed like "tests.scriv - 09. 03. 12 PM 2:24 / 1"
I don’t want this kind of header to be printed. How can I eliminate or edit the header?

You should use compile draft. This gives you control of every aspect. If you are seeing that header, then that is just the shortcuts print document. Compile draft is under the File menu. See the docs for details on all the preferences associated with compile draft.


Thanks a lot! I found it.

My document is a bit complex to compile it all just to remove the header. Is there anyway to do this from the Print Current Document or is it a feature we can ask for in the next release? I would think the default options should be off.

You can choose whether the header gets printed via the Page Setup, but really printing single documents is intended for rough drafts - Compile Draft is where you get all of the proper formatting features.
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