Editing in Mac and Windows BOTH - Is it possible?

I have the Windows version because my computer is a windows computer. I am thinking about purchasing an IPad. Would I be able to open and edit a saved project in both windows and mac? Or does the format only work for the version it’s saved in?

Also, does anyone reading this thread happen to know whether Scrivener will work with the IPad Mini with Retina Display?Thanks.

Scrivener files are interchangeable between Windows and Mac. However, Scrivener is not yet available for iOS (iPad and iPhone). Although Mac OS and iOS are both created by Apple, and share some underlying architecture, they are not the same. Hence iPads cannot run Mac software and vice versa.

According to the developer, the iOS version of Scrivener will work with regular Scrivener files from both the Windows and Mac versions. So while the answer to your question is “no”, Scrivener does not currently work on the iPad Mini with Retina Display, it will once Scrivener for iOS is released next year.


I learned much from your post. I am sure the many others who have seen it got a good overview as well.

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I have used Scrivener in both my iMac and Mac Book Pro and now have a PC.

If I purchase and download the Scrivener app for windows to my PC, and save my scrivener files to my dropbox, can I then simply click on the files I am working on in Dropbox and work on them in either the Macs or the PC?

Or is there a better way to keep each file identical, on either computer?

I plan to narrow down to one Mac only and the PC mainly for bookkeeping. But I would like to keep the option of working on my manuscripts on the PC as well. Just in case.

Thanks for any advice you can offer. Your post was helpful and encouraging. :slight_smile:


AFAIK DropBox is the favourite way of syncing among Scrivener users (I have used also Cubby and works well too).

Some background info to have in mind, though:

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … c-services

Hope this helps!