Editing in Split Windows

Hi, I’m new, so there may be a way to do this, but when I try, it doesn’t work.

I’m editing my chapters, and I’ve split the document so I can see what I had written vs. what changes I am making. What I want to do is edit one of the split windows, but when I do, it changes BOTH sides!

How do I split my original document, and edit only one side?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Take a snapshot of the document; drag the snapshot into the header of the right-hand split; edit the document in the left hand split. This works on the Mac and I assume it works in Windows.
Good idea to take regular snapshots anyway. I believe you can set Scrivener to take a snapshot of all documents with changes on doing a manual save.
I’m sure someone will come along to confirm if I’m right or wrong. :slight_smile:

Hello Coleenh,
The Mac way does not work well in windows (cannot drag and drop snapshot)
One way which is quick is to select the document you wish to edit e.g. Scene 1 (Or whatever it’s called). Right mouse on it in the binder and select duplicate. Now you have just below the original a copy labelled Scene 1-1. Reselect your original and then click split screen verically. You can now select your copy and load that into the right screen. Resulting in the original on your left and copy of it on your right. Edit away to your hearts content and then decide which to keep and just relabel the document in the binder.

While you can’t drag the snapshot into a split editor, you can view it in the inspector pane, and you can widen that pane to be pretty big. The snapshot has the added benefits of being read-only, but you can also restore the old version of the document if you make a mess of it. Plus, snapshots don’t clutter the binder with duplicate entries.

I’m finally getting back to do some editing, and this works very well, thank you Broadsides, your help is much appreciated!