Editing in the split window

Keith (and others),

Was wondering whether it would be possible, in a future version (or maybe it is now, and I’m just being stupid) to do the following in split window mode.

When displaying the same section of writing in each window, I would like to be able to polish the text in one, while checking what the text used to look like in the other. The way things are now when I edit in one window the edits immediately happen in the other window, which for me, dilutes the power of the split window view.

I realize that I can use the snapshot feature to do something faintly similar, although I still can’t compare the revision & original text side by side. And, too, I don’t believe I can take a snap shot of just a small section of text; only a complete page, document, or project.

Any thoughts. . .?

Thanks for a wonderful program.


When working in one document, the split is supposed to be merely accessing two parts of the same live document. This is so you can reference one part while writing in another, or even edit two parts of the same document at once without having to scroll back and forth.

The easiest way to do this is to duplicate the current document. With the item selected in the Binder, Edit menu / Duplicate (Cmd-D), then Cmd-Shift-O to open the duplicate in the alternate split, and tap the up-arrow to reselect the main document, which should now be selected in the primary split.

Snapshots are another way of doing this, yes, but like you said you cannot load a Snapshot into a split. I hope some day that changes, and version view becomes an overlay like Corkboard or Outliner, but for now that is how it is. The Snapshot viewer can be resized a great deal, so you are at least not limited to the smaller viewer.

Amber, you lost me. . .

That doesn’t really answer my ‘wish’, does it?

Still won’t allow me to edit in one window, keeping the original in the other window for comparison purposes. I understand what the purpose of the split window is, but was hoping that it could become more powerful as an editing tool.

Or. . .once again, I could be missing the point entirely.


What Amber was saying was that you can use Duplicate if you really want to use the split for this. That is, select the document and hit cmd-D to make a copy. Then you can view your copy in one view and make changes to the original in the other.

Alternatively, you can, of course, have the snapshots window open whilst you edit, so although it is not available in the split, you can view it side-by-side with the text you are editing.

I do not see an easy way of integrating snapshots into the split view. Ideas like this sound like they would work really easily, but in fact they have conceptual issues. For instance, it would mean that one editor would be locked to editing and the other would not, which I know 100% would confuse some users.

So, if you don’t like viewing snapshots in the separate panel, as Amber says, Duplicate is a good way around this. You could then store the duplicate document in a separate folder somewhere or delete it once you are done.

Hope that makes sense.


That works for me. . .not sure why I understood you and not Amber. . .'cept maybe because she’s better looking than you and I was probably paying more attention to her than what she was saying.

Anyway, that works. Thanks.