editing index card in corkboard

Hello Scriveners,
Haven’t been able to find an answer to this in the forum or the help.

I cannot create a new line with Return in an index card on the corkboard. Is this expected behavior?

New line using Return works fine in the Inspector index card and shows up on the corkboard, but does not work when attempted in the corkboard version of the card. I can add text in the card on the corkboard using word wrap, but not by pressing Return to start a new line.

BTW, love this program.

John Robert
Scrivener 2.2
MacBook Pro, Mac OS 10.6.8

Opt-Return, I believe.



Thanks for the kind words. Yes, this is expected behaviour - the index cards in the corkboard are “controls”, just like text fields and suchlike. By default on OS X, return will end editing for such controls. However, you can change this behaviour by un-ticking “ends editing in synopsis…” next to “Return key” in the “Navigation” pane of the preferences - if you un-tick that, it will work as you wanted.

All the best,

Wow, that was fast!
Thanks, Keith.

John Robert