Editing index cards on the cork board in "normal mode&a

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I’m not sure how Maria got that Idea, but I certainly do use the corkboard, however excruciatingly painful it may be for my alt-pinky (oh the humanity!) In fact my current modus operandi (sorry the latin comes out when I drink sangiovese- ever been to Bergamo? Old Bergamo is heaven. there’s this little open air wine bar that understands life with deep profundity, hic) is to find/select all the notes for a session; open them together on the corkboard on a left hand split, lock the pane and move on to editing texts selected in the binder in the right hand split. On the 24 inch this is brilliant, except for the fucking alt-return of course but lets move on.

“I’d prefer not to” Ha!





You know, when I am composing text for a field that does not handle a carriage return, and I want carriage returns, I always use another editing area where I can see what I am doing and such. Have either of you tried just typing into Notes and then cut&paste the text into Synopsis once you are finished? Yes, it is an extra step, but so is pressing Opt-Return a hundred times.

In “real life”, my index cards run out of space at 100 words or so. Then I have to flip it around or make a serial set of cards.


Which is a bloomin’ good compromise. Instead of double-clicking on an index card, single-click and then click in the inspector. If you have such a big screen that you want giant index cards with a hundred returns (a hundred returns in an index card? Are you all bonkers?), then you have room for the inspector. :slight_smile:

I am now going to compose an open letter to index card manufacturers about how they need to allow room in their index cards for 100 blank lines. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm. Being able to use returns in the inspector but not the corkboard - now that’s consistent. In my Inspector I see room for 18 returms. I’d settle for 5. Talking about 100 is a sort of George Bush kind of argument. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’m not gonna budge on this. And actually, it is consistent. The same way you have to double-click into an index card in the corkboard but not into the one in the inspector: they are different types of control.

Get over it. :slight_smile:

I am over it. I am just unwilling to concede that you are right, merely that you have might. When the revolution comes…

I’m off to deal with actors, who apparently are less touchy than programmers. Whodathunkit? :wink:



I count too many returns in a Scrivener index card. Did I mention that this isn’t going to change. Just in case, let me reitereate: this isn’t going to change. :slight_smile:

O, good you mention it. It isn’t going to change :smiley:

I laughed my hangover away, thanks.

And now to work,

And did I mention that it wasn’t going to change? Because I may have missed that.

Good to hear that you’re at least considering it.

E :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I’m definitely considering not changing it. Heh - it’s a good job I’m not the sort who likes the last word, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

So now you’re only considering not changing it. There’s still hope you’ll come to your senses. Thanks, Keith.

do we get wafers with it?


After lengthy (read: no) consideration, I have decided against changing it. And the wafers. :slight_smile:


Yes. :stuck_out_tongue: