Editing links


Sorry if this has been answered before, but is there any way to edit an existing link (to an outside source such as a web page) within Scrivener (Windows version)? It woulod be nice to be able to right-click on it and see the text of the hyperlink, especially when it doesn’t work.


Just put your cursor somewhere in the hyperlink, and then use Edit/Link... (Alt,e,n) to call up the URL box. You can change all aspects of a hyperlink from there.

It works! Thank you. Where I was going wrong was that I was highlighting the link and selecting Edit>Link, which calls up an empty dialog box.

Hi as well (a few years later),

In my searching, I did find the link box, but how do I change the displayed URL to a more human-friendly name for the destination?
From, say, “www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/posting.php?mode=reply&f=30&t=18113” to “Editing links”?

If I overtype the URL or even insert a more descriptive title text, the first inherent space in the text ends the link.


The hyperlink itself doesn’t have to be the URL of the text, if that is what you mean. Of course this forum is not using the same technology as the text editor in Scrivener, but the concept is the same: I can select this phrase and add a link to it with that URL supplied.

Thank you Ioa,

The forum link was merely an example because both the URL and the likely ‘human’ title would be visible to my post’s reader; my interest is per that of the OP as I understood it, a web page/link in a document.
Once I’ve pasted a link into a document, I don’t see that Menu-Edit … or a mouse RC (context menu) … give me the chance to change the displayed URL to something more human-descriptive, say, from “whateverwhatever.com/asfasf;jwe;afeurqp5up” to “New study found to be bogus”.

What/where am I missing?


The method I described above wouldn’t involve pasting the raw URL directly into the text editor. You can do that of course, and in some cases that is desirable when citing sources and such, but as I say, you can just select any old chunk of text (or type in some new text) and select it then add a link to it with the Edit/Add Link… command. Once it has a link you can edit the link, but you’d really only need to do that if the URL is incorrect.

Ah, thanks. :unamused: