editing markers

Have started editing and would like to place markers throughout the various chapters and be able to locate these markers later on.

Is there such a thing that could be used to mark locations that can be found?


There are a variety of things, depending on what you’re after. You can just highlight text. You can select text and create an inspector comment, which will scroll to the part of the document it’s linked to when clicked on. You can add text that stands out from the main document using inline annotations. Any of the above can be stripped out of any compiled output so they don’t show up there.

Thank you rDale, that seems to be what I concluded after going through the manual… I am trying to use the comments as a type of bookmark, wish I could understand the in-line annotation explanation a little bit better.

Any place I can see some examples of the in-line annotation?

Thanks again rDale

Help->Interactive Tutorial. I don’t have the standard version of Scrivener installed on Windows (I’m playing with the Beta since I don’t need to do any significant work on Windows these days), but there should be a section of the tutorial that covers Comments and Footnotes, which includes inline annotations.