editing MMD in scrivener

I wonder if Scrivener users who may have used another editor (cough emacs cough) have found solutions for doing things like MMD tables - in “other editors”, there are a set of functions that assist with the construction of plain text tables (one thinks of org-mode tables, or the MMD mode tables)…

that would be the last piece of the puzzle for me…



I like QuickCursor for the glue. It’s a little utility that lets you easily extract all or part of a buffer into another text editor. You can work on it there, using a temp file (so you can save as you work). When you’re done, just save and close the editor and the result will pop back in the original application you started in. So you can easily go from Scrivener to something like MultiMarkdown Composer or TextMate and then back. These two, incidentally, have table formatting. Composer does it while you type, and TextMate (with the MultiMarkdown bundle installed, naturally) leaves it alone until you run the table clean-up command. I’m not aware of any other programs that handle MMD table formatting.

Now, what I’d like is a macro or something that could make an MMD table out of a spreadsheet file.

I’d second MultiMarkdown Composer for setting out bigger tables. As a dedicated MMD editor it handles syntax colouring as well. It’s written by Fletcher Penney, so buying it is also a small thank you for the wonder of MMD.

I’ve come to use it as my default plain text editor, particularly with DevonThink where I want to keep away from unnecessarily complicated document formats.