Editing mode - there should be a way to measure editing progress

Instead of only a word count, which is useful to track progress during the writing phase, there should also be an edit count (maybe how may words were changed) to track progress when you’re editing. Word count doesn’t help track progress when you’re editing, because a successful and even long editing session could even with a negative word count,

It might be worth doing a search of the forums on this question, because your suggestion is one that comes up periodically and you can find extensive discussion of the matter. Pretty sure the short story is that such a thing would actually be fantastically complicated and that there are many kinds of changes that Scriv could not judge whether they should be word-counted or not in order to get what you would think of as the intuitively right answer.

For one, you would have to get clear about whether what you are envisioning would require that your /doing/ be monitored, as opposed to your results assessed. (For example, suppose you delete a sentence and then retype it verbatim. Did you just make some “editing progress”?) If it is the former (as I suspect), there are going to be all kinds of impossible involved.

It also seems to me what you are envisioning is not a measure of “progress” in any interesting sense, but rather a measure of “editing activity”. Editing seems to me a quite irregular activity the “quantity” of which is not well captured by word or change-counting. For me it just comes down to the time I put in – and I don’t need Scriv to tell me that.

One the other hand, setting spot editing aside, I generally do have a robust sense of editing progress and it has a pretty clear foundation in the text. This is so for sessions where I am “editing through” a dedicated stretch of text. In that case, there is a genuine marker of progress – it is that point in the stretch that I have so far edited through – even this simple marker would be hard to programmatically capture! (You would need something like 1 - (r/t) where r is the remaining word count left to edit and t is the original word count of the target stretch of text.)


If you open up Project Targets and click the Options… button, you’ll find a Show overrun setting. Click that, and when you return to the targets panel, you can set your goal somewhere below the current draft total, and a secondary progress bar will appear from the left, showing proportionally how far over the intended target you are.

To GR’s point, one way to track editing progress is with the document-level Status field. Is this particular chapter just a rough outline? A first draft? Done and shipped to your editor?

The Status field won’t update automatically, but that makes it inherently more reflective of your own sense of how the edit is going.