Editing my NaNoriMo novel with Scrivener

I’m a NaNo winner with 65K+, thanks to Scrivener (for Windows). Now, I’m a proud and satisfied owner of this great program. And it’s time to edit. Which means cut, cut and cut.

Scrivener is great for this too because I can put the unwanted scenes in a folder outside the Draft folder. So, if one day I think that I can use these scenes or part of these scenes, they’re still here.

And, of course, playing with the order in which each scene will appear on the finished manuscript. So, I just hope some day I’ll be able to send a completed novel to Smashwords for publication.

Congratulations on finishing! Can you share a bit about your novel? Genre, setting, basic premise?

Let us know how the editing goes.

First of all, I must say that I’m French so bear with me if I make mistakes.

My novel is a mix Suspense/Paranormal. Nicole, a retired secretary and unpublished writer, buys an old house. She discovers that a murder had been commited 55 years ago. She discovers that the murderer is in fact a serial rapist/killer.
And, of course, guess what she’s going to do? Find the victims and bring the villain to justice.
The title of this novel is “Une Maison Nommée Automne”, which could be translated in “A House Named Autum (or Fall)”.
Because the house is a true character and it sends visions to Nicole… It also helps fighting the killer.

At the time being, I’m reorganizing the scenes, developing the villain’s character, etc. Scrivener is really great for that too!