Editing my Scriv project on multiple platforms/apps

Hi, I am currently syncing the contents of my draft folder in my Scrivener project with Writeroom for iOS. Can I continue to do this, while also starting to use iA Writer for Mac to edit the txt files in the external folder?


  • I know I can use iA Writer for Mac to edit the contents of my draft folder, and,

-I know I can use dropbox to sync my project with Writeroom for iOS - but,

  • can I do both?

Obviously, not simultaneously (i.e. with the project open on multiple platforms/apps at the same time).

But can I write in Scrivener, sync it with external folder on my Mac, then close Scrivener, then open iA Writer and edit the Draft folder contents, then save my work, close iA Writer, then edit my project after syncing Writeroom for iOS with Dropbox?

In the above scenario, only one app with access to my Scrivener data is running at a time, and before I close each app I sync to the external folder.

I know this is convoluted and hard to explain, but hopefully I have done an adequate job here.

Does anyone do this? I love using Scrivener to organize things, but I like actually editing text with iA Writer. Rather than copying and pasting back and forth between Scrivener and iA Writer, the above set up would be nice…

Thanks in advance for any responses or ideas.

This should be perfectly safe. There is nothing special about the synchronisation folder, really. It is just a normal folder with normal old files in it. A lot of people like to put it in a spot that does magical things, like the Dropbox folder, but they could just as well have put it into the Documents folder and edited the text files with FlubberEditor Plus (or whatever :slight_smile:), and the end result would be identical to that of someone who editing the files with FlubberEditor Lite on their iPhone. The end result is identical because of the magic that Dropbox does, in keeping a group of normal folders and files all up to date across devices and computers. The whole reason for why tools like Dropbox are nice, is that to all software accessing those folders and files, there is zero difference to any other place on the drive you have permission to read and write to. There is nothing special about it from Scrivener’s point of view.

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

Oh, and one other thing, you don’t have to close Scrivener to do this. It won’t hurt anything either way. Just run [b]File/Sync/with External Folder Now[/b] when you’re ready to return to Scrivener to bring it all back up to date.

As Colombo said, there is one more thing… consider QuickCursor, rather than the whole sync-open-save-close-sync route you propose. QuickCursor is a cheap utility that lets you “open” the contents of any edit field on your Mac and edit it in the text editor of your choosing. I am for instance doing that right now. I am typing this response in TextMate. When I save and close that window, I will be returned to Opera with the post response form field updated. You can basically “open” your Scrivener editor session into whatever editor your desire, work on it, save and close it and return to Scrivener with the contents updated.

Granted, that won’t help you out with your iPhone, so if you still need that, sticking with a Dropbox folder full of .txt files would be better.

Great, thanks for the quick reply. Can’t wait to start using this syncing method.

I will check QuickCursor now.

Anyone else using a set up like I do?