Editing name in binder

In Scrivener 2, when the binder was active and a document or folder was active, I would press “tab” and the name would open up for editing. In Scrivener 3, pressing tab just moves me into the document window, exactly like control-tab does. I can open the document name in the binder by double-clicking, but I much prefer the keyboard. Is there now a new keystroke combination that will operate the way “tab” did in Scrivener 2? And — out of curiosity — why do two different keystrokes (tab and control-tab) produce exactly the same results?

Escape renames in the binder (as it did in V2, IIRC).

If you uncheck ‘Preferences > Behaviours > Return Key > Creates new item in list etc’ then you can also use the Return key to remain. (I don’t because the ‘new item’ behaviour is really useful elsewhere).

Thank you, Brookter! — “Escape” does it. I’m content. (I keep getting annoyed at Scrivener 3 and then discover that, well, it actually IS better — it’s me that needs improvement!)