Editing not allowed in (Composite) mode?

Hi everyone,
just opened my project on the v3 beta and once I want to edit scenes inside a folder, i’m not allowed to do any editing… I can’t write or delete anything… it doesn’t allow me even to change formatting.
funny thing though: I can hit Enter, (and it does breaks the line as its supposed to.)
any thoughts?
by (Composite) mode Im talking about the “(Composite)” that appears next to the folder name Ive selected.
on the scrivener 1.9 it works perfectly.

Composite mode?
Could you post an image showing what you mean?

I have that too in my copy of the beta of 3.0, but mine will allow me to edit scenes within the folder, just not type or edit anything in the folder itself. I can’t figure out how to turn it off and have given up and am just waiting to see if the next beta version will fix it. I’m not brave enough to do any real work in the beta, was just experimenting with it.

Probably this is about not being able to edit while in Scrivening mode (but yes, the title in the header bar has “(Composite)” in it). This is a Known Issue: “Documents in Scrivenings mode cannot currently be edited.”

Yes, this is a known issue. Currently all editing in Scrivenings mode is inoperable while we work on a fix.

Thank you.