Editing or Wrapping Point in Windows

I’m befuddled by Scrivener’s “margins” when writing. It is, by default, wrapping at a seeming random 6.2 or so. I’ve reset it wider, so that it seems to do what I want… wrap to the available width… but this hasn’t taken on all paragraphs.

What am I not understanding? I’d rather my editing experience be completely divorced from the print formatting.

Oh FFS, after changing those margins, probably unrelated but I’ve been using Scrivener for a month… now when I hit , it pops up a menu for type of text, starting with “Scene Heading.” Which I never want. How did I turn that on, and how do I suppress it?

Hello there Scrivictim,
Sounds like you have gone into screenplay writing mode. On your menu go to Format / Scriptwriting and turn it off with Scriptmode (or use Ctrl +4

Thank you. That did fix the odd menu popping up. Any fix for the unwanted wrapping mid-screen?

Have you checked your wrapping point is where you want it? Menu /Format / Ruler and drag the little wrapping icon on the right of the ruler to where you want it.