Editing Scrivener project online

Hey everyone! I use Scrivener on my Mac and iOS, but I’ve really wanted to be able to work on my Scrivener projects online on my work computer. I can’t install the app on the work computer and it’s Windows anyway so I’d need a new license, but I still really want to be able to do basic edits on my projects. Any ideas or suggestions?

If I can’t figure something else out I’m afraid this is going to be the final straw to push me toward a web-based writing software.

  1. Seems like using your already-in-play mobile iOS device is the most immediate solution for you.

  2. Pretty sure you can run WinScriv off a memory stick, if that is a legit solution in your work location. So might be some kind of workflow that way.

  3. You can use the special Sync to External Folder function of your Mac Scriv to create and maintain an external RTF-based version of a project – that is editable outside Scriv. If you locate that external folder on a cloud drive, then if you can access the cloud drive from the work machine, you will be able to open and edit the separate docs of your project with anything that can read/write RTF files. Syncing-with-external-folder again when you get back to your Mac will bring the changes onboard to your Scriv proj on your mac. This would be a manual sync and re-sync process, so good practices are required and the usual caveats apply.

  4. If what you are really wanting (demanding – or you’ll up and quit :disappointed_relieved:) is web-based Scrivener – well, you know there isn’t such a thing.


P.S. Please do be sure you duly consider/investigate whether working on personal projects on the work machine is actually okay. Legit question no matter how you go about it.


Thank you for the advice!

I’ve investigated a lot of other web-based software and none of them measure up to Scrivener so I don’t want to have to use something else. Or maybe just add my personal laptop to the number of screens at my desk.

I’m sure! I’m a calltaker and I’m allowed to do whatever between calls as long as it doesn’t interfere with quick response time.

I appreciate your response!

If using your own laptop can be fit into your workspace, that would for sure be the most powerful and least finicky of options.


Along the lines of @gr’s suggestion, I’ve found that iOS Scrivener on an iPad Mini with an external keyboard (folio-style keyboard case) gives a great balance between functionality and portability.