Editing Scrivener projects with ProWritingAid on IOS

Does anyone have any experience editing Scrivener projects on IOS with ProWritingAid. As there is no ProWritingAid app or Scrivener for IOS integration (that I can see) I only seem to be able to copy each chapter into ProWritingAid via the browser. I’ve tested this and it seems to work, apart from formatting changes.

Has anyone used this in earnest? Is there any downside or ‘got yous’?

I do use the ProWritingAid ‘app’ on my ageing Mac with works perfectly, however I’m wanting to move away from MAC OS if possible.


I think you’ve hit on the only way for iOS.

You might be able to make this more palatable by using side-by-side windows, which are that much easier on latest iPadOS, and quite smooth once you get used to how it’s done.

Interested, I gave it a try:

  • You can open ProWritingAid in a side-by-side window, Safari with your open Scrivener project, and log in.

  • However, when you go to Use the App via the PWA menu, it will tell you it needs a larger window. Just slide the center bar so it has 3/4 of the screen. Now it will work.

  • things are a bit cramped, however. So use the Arrow> buttons to open or close what you need. Close the report at first, so you can see the writing text area, making a document if you need to.

  • now you can select your text from a doc on the 1/4 Scrivener side, and drag-drop it over to the PWA document. Use the Arrow to open the report now, selecting one you want from the top menu as usual.

  • PWA will work as expected, and when done, you can bring the upgraded text back over by clear and drag-drop, or just copy-select-paste.

I think a little trying it will make things smooth - and glad you got me thinking about it.

You’ll have to see if this is really a gain over using the Mac, or for which cases. If Mac is getting the PWA Everywhere so that it will work inside of individual Scrivener docs, with no need to open PWA on a whole Scrivener project, things may be getting easier over there. I can say that on a Windows laptop, this is a great improvement.

Thanks, this is a good suggestion. I’ll give it a try tonight and see how I get along.

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