Editing Scrivener's internal RTF files with Word

I’m not sure if this is an appropriate thread to post this question in, but I’m interested in adding / changing Scrivener chapters while on a PC. My project file is well backed up in numerous locations, frequently, so I’m not worried about data corruption, just accessibility. I use Dropbox to sync my writing files between work and home. I use Scrivener at home on my Mac, but have to use a PC at work. I’d really rather not switch to MS Word just to write while at work, but I might have to if there is no other way to work on my novel from my office. Anyone know? I’ve tried updating the .rtfd files directly, but these changes are not reflected in the Scrivener file once it is opened on the Mac.

Yeah don’t do that. :slight_smile: Scrivener’s open format is intended to be a life saver, not a synchronisation or accessibility feature. Please search the forum for threads for more details about this, it has been discussed heavily in the past. You’ll find the best way to manage working with an external word processor using the Export (rather than Compile) feature, and then marking down which files you have changed or added, by changing their names to a hyphen in front of the old name, or something—or even keeping a separate list.

I thought that might be the case. Ah well, I guess I’ll just have to switch to Word. It’s just a bit too much hassle to do all that twice a day. It’d be great in the future if Scriveners files were readable by another program - or better yet - if there were a PC version as well that worked off the same files. If I were using a Mac at work it wouldn’t be a problem, but unfortunately I don’t have that option.

None of my business, but I’m wondering under what circumstances it’s possible to work on a novel while at home AND at the office. In all of my day jobs, I had no permission to work on personal writing. And this is the 2nd or 3rd time folks have mentioned this PC/Mac dichotomy in recent days. Maybe a sign of the recession?

Hah! Well, I’m an editor, and work long hours. A considerable amount of time is spent in the office, waiting on designers, typesetters etc. with no other real reason to be there (often late at night). I’d like to be able to work on my novel in that time, as I’m not able to be at home to work on it.

OK, thanks, that gives a much clearer picture, and I commiserate.

In another thread, I mentioned PageFour, which Keith describes on his Links page as the closest PC equivalent to Scrivener. It exports files in RTF and is not expensive.


Trouble is, it would be a nightmare to export/import on a daily basis and not lose any writing.

Perhaps a used or gift MBP will come your way. Or a Mac-mini you could hook to PC screen and keyboard? Sometimes craigslist offers real bargains.

Pity there’s not a cheaper /free way to do it. But the Mac mini thing might work - if I can get an internet connection for it. We shall see. Thanks for your help.