Editing text in Editor and Inspector view simultaniously


Hope you can help. I am new to Scrivener. But already used it for a year and love it.

I use the Coarkboard extensively. I have several note cards. In each note card I have notes, links and references. What I like to do is this, and I havent been able to make this happen just yet.

if I hoover over a note card and right-click, I can open the card in the Editor in Scrivener or another editor. I can also go to “View/Inpsector view”. But when I do that today for instance, I can not see any notes in the “Editor pane”. Nothing. Its a just a blank page. The only thing I see is the Title of the note card. Not what I wrote in the note card beyond the actual title. Which is what I am trying to accomplish.

If I open the Inspector view, it opens a pane to the right with the selected Note Card. And to the Left is the Editor Pane. Now, if I write something in the Editor pane and then shift Note card either via Inspector pane or the Coarkboard itself, the text I wrote is still the same text.

Meaning, it doesnt matter what I write in the Editor pane.

The Editor and the Inspector pane are showing different information. The Inspector shows the Synopsis of the document, which is also what you see in the Corkboard. The Editor shows the body text.

If you haven’t already, you might take a look at the Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good overview of the various pieces of the Scrivener interface and how they work together.