Editing Text in Items on the 'Corkboard'

If I click on ‘Draft’ (In the tree on the LHS) and get a ‘cork board’ of all the items in boxes with headers, clicking on the item’s text doesn’t seem to let me edit the text.

I see a large cursor next to the box and it highlights the box’s border, but the text is not editable.

I can occasionally get the cursor to appear inside the box to let me edit it.

Does anyone else have this issue?

(This is version 2.8.1 on High Sierra, but the same problem was seen on earlier versions of Mac OS)

Forgive me for asking the obvious, but have you tried double-clicking on the text? (Single-Click is for manipulating the card itself – dragging it and dropping etc – double-clicking for editing the text.)

Once you’re in a corkboard (title or synopsis), the tab key will take you to the next element.

If you’re having troubles with the mouse (freeform corkboard in particular can be a little tricky to double-click thanks to an OS X change), there is also a way of toggling edit using just the keyboard: Esc. Tab will get you between title/synopsis and ultimately between cards if you keep pressing it.

Yes, of course I’ve tried double click. The result is the same.

Fine. Worth asking, because I have your setup and don’t see this problem at all.

One click selects the card, no editing
Esc selects the card title for editing
Tab selects card itself for editing
Further tabs select the title of next card and so on

Ah, I’ve worked out how to do it without having to resort to obscure keyboard shortcuts.
Double click works, but the time between clicks is important. Click too fast and it doesn’t work!