Editing the footnotes 'grey field'

I recently placed a footnote by highlighting a word (so that the footnote number goes at the end of that word). However, I then realised that I had not included the full stop that came after the word. The footnote number should really come after the full stop. I have solved the problem by copying the footnote text, deleting the footnote, creating a new one with the right placement and then pasting the footnote text in the new footnote.
Is there any quicker way to change to placement (or even just the length) of the ‘grey field’, so that mistakes in the placements can be corrected?

Apologies for what seems like a trivial questions - unfortunately as an academic writer I use LOADS of footnotes…

You can change the location of a footnote by dragging it from the inspector and dropping it in the new, preferred location. I also use a lot of footnotes, and use this method whenever I have to change the end of a sentence that has a footnote attached. It saves you the hassle of creating a new footnote, copying, pasting and then deleting the original.

How about

Project > Project Settings… > Format > Use Footnote Marker

which you can edit to use a glyph other than asterisk if you want. When you have made a footnote, if you decide you want the number in a different place as you did, you can simply then drag the footnote marker to where you want it to be.

You can also make it default for all projects.