Editing the same project on Mac, Windows, and iOS

Is it safe to edit the same Scrivener 3 project on Mac, Windows, iOS, and iPadOS? (Assuming I don’t have any two of them open at the same time). I have edited projects interchangeably on all the Apple operating systems for years without problems, but I’m nervous about opening my novel in the new Scrivener 3 for Windows and potentially corrupting the whole project at some point.


Yes, it’s safe.

Best practices for using Scrivener with cloud services can be found here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … c-services


Thanks, Katherine!

I confess this makes me nervous as well. I’d really like to do this, as I frequently find myself swapping between my laptop (a MacBook Air) and my desktop PC (Windows/Linux), and recently I’ve been spending a lot more time at my desktop and would like to do more of my writing there. I only just realized that Scrivener 3 came out for Windows finally, so I’m eager to start, but just want to make sure there won’t be any issues working from the cloud between both versions of Scrivener.

I’m a Mac-user. I have been working with my Windows-using collaborator, with her using the v. 3 betas since the first half of 2018 without any problem, other than the occasional “pilot error” of one of us shutting down the computer a bit too quickly.

Apart from my Mac version, I have been running the Windows version under CrossOver ( WINE) on my Mac to be able to see her interface if I needed to help her with Scrivener. No problem there either, except for having to disable the speech-to-text module—whatever it’s proper name is!—as CrossOver 20 doesn’t like it.



Thanks for the reassurance, Mark!

I did boot up a document last night and all seemed well enough. Haven’t bought the full product yet until I’ve had a chance to test it out a bit, but that one seemed fine. Will dive into some of my larger projects with more facets soon and make sure that all seems to be working out well enough too. If so, will probably purchase the new version (had Scrivener 1 for Windows, but bought it years ago).