Editing the screenplay template

I’ve noticed that the screenplay template doesn’t quite have the same margins as industry standard screenwriting software (Final Draft and WriterDuet in particular). For the dialogue element at least, Scrivener gives one less character than FD and WriterDuet (34 as opposed to 35).

Is there a way to a) alter my template locally so it displays properly in Scrivener; and b) update the Scrivener template for everyone so it displays the same as the industry standard?


The measurements in the screenplay scripting preset we provide are industry standards, so I’d be careful about adjusting them without further testing. If the discrepancy is less than or equal to one character, I would more immediately suspect font settings or display models. Definitely test post-compile and preferably using a format that conveys script settings (like Final Draft) as opposed to formatting settings (like RTF).

Anything else is suspect because Scrivener is not a text layout engine, it’s a simple writing tool where we type into “boxes” that later get all formatted and pieced out into formats that can then be loaded in environments like Final Draft that do perform full page layout. Only then can we truly know precisely which inch down and across the letter ‘i’ appears on a page. Simple demonstration of this fact: click and hold on the right-hand edge of the project window and shrink the text editor down as narrow as it will go. Looks nothing at all like a standard script any more right? Still compiles fine though.

So with that caution aside, Format/Scriptwriting/Script Settings… is what you are looking for, which is documented in the user manual PDF, §19.4, Creating Your Own Script Formats, starting on page 201.

So basically we still need Final Draft after all?


Upon further reading of your links page I answered my question. Yes I still need a scriptwriting software for final draft. Thanks.